For the Record….

In life there are things that you decide to do that you know will be challenging, painful, at times fill you with self doubt but at others fill you with an overwhelming sense of achievement and emotion that you don’t know what to do with.

This time for me is now.

I’ve signed up to take part in Ironman UK. Madness some may say – but to me it’s the greatest challenge I have put myself through. Some key stats:

  • 30 weeks of training
  • Maximum training load gets up to 24 hours in one week
  • I will eat more carbs than I have ever known
  • I will consume more gels and energy drinks than I’ve ever known
  • I need to learn to use cleats on a bike

At this point it’s worth remembering what I need to complete on July, 16th:

2.4 mile Swim, 112 mile Bike, a marathon Run. Easy. Oh, and everything in 17 hours otherwise they wrestle me off the course and onto a Bus of Shame.

Difficult on their own but one after the other is another level altogether.

Strength of mind. Courage. Determination. And slightly less dodgy hips will be needed.


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