Having It All (or not…)

Being late isn’t such a bad thing

Stylist magazine was my favourite thing about having to go to London for a client meeting on a Tuesday. I’d actually go out of my way to use the Tube so I could grab some relevant, fun and sensible reading material by largely female contributors for the ride on our capital’s underground system (and likely delayed train home – how relevant to this post!)

Now I don’t have to go to London so much, I read it online and it’s a fountain of many things – including hugely helpful articles that help me realise I’m not the only one feeling or behaving in a certain way. Lateness is one of these things that I Am.

I’m 100% guilty of it. I could blame my Mother I’m sure as she can be late. My boyfriend tells me it’s because I don’t prioritise anyone else’s time above my own. But actually it’s more likely down to the fact I don’t account for traffic delays, things taking twice as long as I think they will and that I will usually start putting a wash on and cleaning the bathroom before I leave to go somewhere (the multi-tasker in me is Strong).

But if you’re trying to balance Ironman training into a life that already contains a full-time career, a home/life admin and a social life then actually  lateness comes as part of that.

Shame I can’t use the Ironman as a reason for my perpetual lateness since I was about 12. But as my best friend and I were discussing just this morning, the sooner we learn to accept that We Can’t Have It All, the less stressful we will all become. Women especially are guilty of feeling this Having It All pressure. I blame social media but that’s another post altogether.

I’ll settle for a happy existence, lateness and all – but with the satisfaction of achieving goals for myself. Which, when you consider that no one else is living your life, then that’s OK.

So bring on my training week – I may just not be there the moment the pool opens at 6:30am. 6:30-ish. Everyone needs an Ish.


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