Get the distance…

This morning I swam. From 6:47 until 8:30 to be exact. The swimming club were in the pool, several others, another woman who was longer and thinner than I am, twice as fast and was like a arrow through the water, and the old guy I call Slappy as he hits the water so hard with a flat hand and gets nowhere fast. 

We were all in there together at one point but I swam for 90 minutes and got to 3250m. They all got out before me! I’m so chuffed! It’s so easy to think ‘but I didn’t get to the magic 3800m’ but  I’m halfway in my training and think that bring able to swim that far at this point will boost my confidence no end. 

Swimming is still hard but at least I should be able to get to the end without drowning and not being too knackered for the bike – which has always been my aim. 

Tomorrow is 3:30 on the bike….these clips on the pedals still lurk at the back of my mind but I’ll give it another go! 


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