About Me


Thanks for checking out my blog!

My name is Rosie and I’m based in the UK. I started this blog as a record of my journey to being an Ironman but also share my thoughts about other things other than triathlon.

I never enjoyed sport at school. Ever. I reluctantly took part in the odd swimming lesson when I had run out of excuses not to do it – my best pal Corinne usually had her period at the same time too (weird that!) so we sat and put the world to rights for an hour instead I seem to remember. Gymnastics was also a dreaded lesson when you were forced to wear navy knickers and a t-shirt. Even at an all girls school, I’m convinced it provided some deep rooted fears of body image as a result.

But after eating my way through uni and then shifting the weight I got into fitness and nutrition. I’m no skinny girl for sure, but through trying various classes, types of training and nutrition approaches I more recently discovered triathlon. Having run London Marathon, various half marathons, 5 & 10k’s  I thought triathlon was a good challenge. I loved it! A few sprints and an Olympic distance down, 2 years later I’m now attempting the ultimate triathlon distance.

This blog is about my journey to the finish line and hearing the ultimately motivating words “You are an Ironman”.